IT Starts with Security: Lessons from healthcare executives

As the healthcare industry environment gets more complicated everyday, healthcare CIOs are facing challenges like never before. Between new regulations, changing compliance mandates, security breaches, specialization needs and more, it’s hard for CIOs to maintain operations while also trying to achieve organizational goals. Add on top of this COVID-19 and the list of what keeps healthcare CIOs up at night just continues to grow.

Involta and Alert Logic have partnered to host a panel discussion where security experts and healthcare industry CIOs will work through solutions to these challenges. In this 60-minute virtual podcast, our experts will talk about:

  • The shift from IT as a driver of optimism and resiliency to being critical to core business initiatives
  • The need to be nimble while ensuring decisions are made for business longevity
  • The need for staff and leadership to be adaptable and educated, as threats related to security are changing on a consistent basis
  • The need to resolve problems without any downtime
  • The need to balance increased visibility and threats to an environment that could compromise patient data and ultimately harm reputation

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Fill Out the Form to Watch the Podcast